Redynamisation Galerie Bortier


Seat&Read n°1 by Géraldine Calbert


Seat&Read n°2 by Atelier 4|5


Seat&Read n°3 by Hopop Studio


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Right in Brussels’ city center, the Galerie Bortier is an awesome place to discover for its architecture and history, but few people are aware of its existence.

To revitalize this space, Les Sagas, a retail of the Gallery, referred to Stephanie Gosuin, Architect, to develop the interior design of the Gallery’s main axes.

According to the existing Gallery’s organization, we developed a concept of reading benches, the “Seat&Read”: a prototype combining magazines and books shelves with a bench to sit and relax by discovering this great place and its identity.  The interior design is related to a Tea Room, proposing several Belgian quality goods and various activities in relation to the Gallery’s identity: History and “Savoir-Faire”.

 Thanks to the financial support of the Brussels City Council, those prototypes have been realized with the support of “Waste’Up”.

Each prototype has been developed respectively by: Atelier 4/5Géraldine Calbert and Hopop Studio. They have been produced by la Fabrik from Recyclart asbl”, a rehabilitation and training workshop for carpentry and metalwork; and finally all waste materials needed for the production will be furnished by the “Petits Riens asbl”.


GALERIE BORTIER – B Library & Coffee Gallery

Vernissage: 13th of September 2013: join the event on facebook

Place de la Madeleine 25

1000 Bruxelles

POP-UP STORE Design September 2013
POP-UP STORE Design September 2013


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